Qantas QF10 cruising over the Middle East

A few days ago, I flew the Qantas 787-9 from London Heathrow to Perth. At just under 16 hours, it is up there with some of the longest commercial flights I have done on Infinite Flight.

Here are some of the photo’s I took when cruising over the Middle East.


I’ve pretty much done the top five. EGLL-YSSY YPPH-EGLL KJFK-NZAA (Which i’m currently flying for QVG) WSSS-KJFK and YMML-KDFW. I’ve done all these routes the other way too


The first one is realy cool! Great shots

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Thank you! It’s almost impossible to take a bad photo with the 787-9.

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I’ve just seen your photos from the JFK-AKL flight and they look amazing!

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