Qantas Q400 Welcome flight @ YSCB - 242100ZMAR16

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Sydney Region

Airport: YSCB - YORG - YSSY - YSCB

Time: 2100Z


note time changed from 2000z to 2100z

To welcome the Dash8 Q400 to the Qantas fleet we are holding a flight visiting the major airports in the Sydney region. Starting from YSCB (Canberra), Touch and Go at YORG (Orange), followed by Touch and Go at Qantas HQ Sydney (using 16R / 32L) and completing with return to base at Canberra.

Pushback soon after 8pm (GMT)

ALL welcome to join us, please bring your Dash 8 wearing its best Qantas dress!


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Great David see if I can be there!

Also David I’ll add the link onto the Qantas Virtual thread for events :)

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I want to give as many people an opportunity to attend, also some people can try their hand at ATC. Sydney is normally fairly ‘nimrod’ free and if there is any problems then there will be enough people there to ‘report & ghost’.

Happy Landings


What time is it in Australia

Depends on where you are in Australia, would have to google it to know exactly but it will be Good Friday morning if its Thursday Night in Europe.

Finally an event that is not at 2:00 am for me! I am definitely coming! Hope others come as well! :)

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Great! looking forward to seeing you there!

FYI the time has moved back 1 hr to 2100 GMT!

Will I be able to get the flight time from this event added to my account?

You mean to file a PIREP with Qantas Virtual?

Yes you can, use your QFA number as your Call Sign (I will be in QFA 14) and for filing a PIREP use QFA 9400 (which is a YSSY-YSSY on the Dash 8 training fight).


I wish I could come, but I am fairly new to infinite flight and I don’t think I’m ready for the ATC playground yet. My crosswind landings especially need alot of work! Lol I might try it when I reach grade three…we’ll see! Have a wonderful time all of you and God bless!😊

I would like to be there but not 100 persent sure :)

Hoping to make this David (QFA0049)

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Mark, come and give it a go…you will be among friends!! I will be in QFA14 as my callsign and you can copy my flight plan if you like or just follow along.

Be great to see you there JP. Will be in QFA14

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2 hrs to go.

I will be in QFA 14. Pushback about 2110z

Speed 260kts

I will be there! Its still happening today right?

My callsign will be Qantas link 4

Great see you just over 1hr from now!