Qantas 'Project Sunrise'

Project Sunrise is a research project run by Qantas and it’s goal is to test/research and finally operate regular, non-stop commercial flights from the east coast of Australia (Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne) to London and New York.

This is my second and final research flight for Project Sunrise. After my first PSR flight from JFK to Sydney which took 19 hours, I decided to complete the next research flight for this project - London Heathrow to Sydney Kingsford.

Departed from LHR at 6am and arriving at Sydney at 4:22pm (local), it look 19 hours 22 minutes to cover 10,553 miles.
Despite it being a tiring long flight, the views made it all worthwhile.
Crossing over The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Indondesia and finally Australia provided breathtaking views.

Initially cruising at FL330, where the first of two sunrises (Double Sunrise flight) over The Netherlands appeared. Then, stepping the climb up to FL350 throughout the day, then FL370, 390 and finally 410 where the second of the two sunrises appeared over Darwin, Australia.

Finally initiating descent 25 minutes before landing and touching down 19 hours after departing from Heathrow, QF7879 arrived in Sydney, Australia.

I have attached some pics to this post :)

Waiting for Pushback & Startup at Terminal 3

Taking off on 09L at Heathrow

“Positive Climb” “Gear Up” Climbing out of Heathrow, the beginning of the 19 hour non-stop flight from London to Sydney.

The first of two sunrises for this Double Sunrise flight

Cruising at FL350 over Belarus

Cruising through the night at FL370 (only 22000ft AGL due to the high altitude terrain) over China

Arriving over the Australian coast at Darwin with the second of the two sunrises emerging

“Gear Down” Final approach to 34L at Sydney Kingsford

Touchdown on 34L at Sydney

Arrived at Sydney after a 19 hour flight :)


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