Qantas Project Sunrise & Project Winton order announcement!

Qantas has confirmed an order for 12 Airbus A350-1000 aircraft which will operate the world’s longest flights, connecting east-coast Australia to London and New York from late 2025. The airline announced a multi-billion dollar aircraft order on Monday morning that will reshape its operations over the next two decades, with 20 new A321XLRs and 20 new A220s also placed on order, to start replacing its domestic fleet of ageing Boeing 737s from late 2023.

The new planes are 25 per cent more fuel efficient than previous generation aircraft and will carry 238 passengers in four classes, including first, business, premium economy and economy, and have a “wellbeing zone” in the centre, with more than 40 per cent of the cabin dedicated to premium seating. The first flight is due to take off from Sydney by the end of 2025.

Qantas A350 First Class Layout:

Video of how the Wellbeing zone will look like:

“New types of aircraft make new things possible. The A350 and will make any city just one flight away from Australia. That’s what makes today’s announcement so significant,” Qantas chief executive (CEO) Alan Joyce said.“It’s the last frontier and the final fix for the tyranny of distance. The cabin is being specifically designed for maximum comfort in all classes for long-haul flying.”

Alan Joyce also said, “The first Project Sunrise flights will be from New York and London, but the aircraft will also be able to operate non-stop flights to Australia from destinations such as Paris and Frankfurt."


Got the arrival of the A350 into Sydney, very disappointed at the Qantas B787 that decided to taxi past and block the aircraft then provide heat haze from the engine


Amazing!!! 🤩

Was this landing into Sydney today?

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Yes like an hour ago


The First Class looks very nice, similar to LH 747-400 with the separate bed. Hopefully this will also be retrofitted into QF’s A380’s.


that’s really cool!!!
thanks for posting 💜


You’re welcome mate! Looking forward towards Qantas to launch the A350 in 2025 too!


This is ultimately a complete loss for Boeing

3 new Airbus orders, no new Boeing ones. Sure, they have more 787’s coming but you can imagine some Boeing executives are doing some soul searching today


It’s must of been a price thing that Airbus provided Qantas with a good deal. From what I was told it’s more effort to get the A350 refitted with new fuel tanks etc when the B777x is more than capable without any modifications.


So the 777X has a longer range then the A350?! Wow, Airbus must have put in a really good offer!


Oh nice really good news ! I hope to fly this route when it’ll be launched!

Only 70km more range than the A350-1000. But mainly that even in 2019 the 777-8 was looking at a delay that would push delivery out of the 2023 original launch date for Project Sunrise. Even now with the new launch date of non-stop flights, the 777-8 is still looking at being too late for it.
I’ve seen Boeing wasn’t as engaged with the project and modifications needed as Airbus was. Very different to the 737 MAX where Boeing tried to get Qantas onboard, proposing a two for one deal just to get Qantas to buy the MAX.

it is very unfortunate

Brisbane Airport better be on the cards. That’s all I’m saying.

I guess at least Boeing has the 737Max 8/10 order from Virgin Australia and 737Max 8 order from Bonza (although I’m still sceptical about Bonza…)

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Yeah me too! Super exciting to see more ultra-long haul flights emerging.

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The first class looks amazing !!!


Here is the A220 taxing past and departing for the 30min demo flight


It really does! The new suite looks incredible!

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As far as has been discussed publically, Project Sunrise and the A35KULR’s are to be operated on flights to London + Sydney/Melbourne to London direct.

It doesn’t appear that Qantas has Brisbane on the cards… At least for now.