Qantas Perth to London Fare Defended

Qantas has defended claims that its new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner direct route from Perth to London costs around $500 more to fly on than with British Airways from London to Perth. WA Premier Mark McGowan criticised Qantas for making the fares higher for Western Australians. This was followed by a similar attack by WA’s Tourism Minister Paul Papalia.

Qantas wrote in a statement: “[Fares change according to] seasonal demand, currency strength making different destinations more attractive to travel to as well as the general aviation market in each country. For example, during the late-March and April travel months when the direct London-Perth services commence, the difference in fares will be reflective of traditionally stronger demand from Australians travelling to the UK and Europe, whilst the demand for UK and European travellers to Australia is generally lower.”

The cost of travelling to Europe from all Australian cities and on all major airlines is more expensive than for European travellers heading to Perth, and Australians travelling to the US are often faced with the same issue.

Two videos advertising Qantas’ soon-to-be-delivered Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner were released on Qantas’ YouTube channel:

The flight was recently open for booking. Read more below:

Full story:


Here’s also another video:


Oh it’s different? Weird.

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The videos aren’t available in Indonesia. R.I.P

I think it must not be surprising if the price will be expensive. As it would require alot of fuel + extra crews and also the service too. This is the reason why Ultra Long flights aren’t so friendly for Economy passengers

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