Qantas orders another 6 787s

Celebrations are to break out around the world with another victory for Qantas.

Qantas announced in the past few hours they will order six new 787’s. These will help expand Qantas routes on top of the planned expansion of Brisbane to Seattle or Chicago.

Alan Joyce has said he wants the final six to be delivered at a rapid pace so they are all ready for the 100th anniversary of Qantas.

This is also a time of sorrow as Qantas will have it’s last good wide bodies out of service by 2021.

It has not been said whether the 787’s will be based in Brisbane or Melbourne.


I would say the old 747-400 wouldn’t be nice to fly on though.

Great! I hope one day qantas will put them on Sydney-Auckland. Air NZ has them, and the route is quite high demand

Qantas has already said the 787 is too high speced for domestic flights like Sydney to Perth. They will likely use thei 797 on that route as it gets heavier

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Does that apply to SYD-AKL as well?

Also what’s saying they’re gonna buy a 797?

Well Auckland is closer to Sydney than Perth is.

Qantas has also expressed very high interest for the 797, along with most airlines because the only alternate is the A310. They certainly will order enough to more than replace their A330’s.

The 787 will never be used on domestic flights with Qantas. Only long haul like Perth to London, Melbourne to LA and Brisbane to Seattle

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The 787 with GE engines isn’t suited for short flights. Better for LH flights.

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The 797 would be good for qantas. Escpecially to replace their a330’s

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787-9 could replace 330 as well. But maybe not due to GE engine choice focusing on just replacing 747.

It could but Qantas wants to use it to expand on flights and replace the 747. At this rate they love the 787 so much they likely will buy a lot more.

And like you said, GE are for LH, and GE are the only good engines in this world


Yes I do like the GE engines on the 300ER, hopefully these new Trent engines on the 787-9 are better then the last.

Bad news for Antarctica Flights :(
Anyone know what is going to happen?

They flew them with with 787

Actually they(ANZ) flew with 767 and DC-10
And Qantas operated using 747s

Also another victory for Boeing as if I remember correctly… Qantas was between the B787 or the A350 or some airbus aircraft…?

This is great news for Qantas!
Does someone know how many 787s Qantas will own once the receive this order?

8+6=14 So my guess is fourteen

Qantas is still between the A350ULR and the 777X. This isn’t the order we’ve been waiting for though.
I still think that more 787s are a victory for Boeing and they will further lean towards the 777 for the ULH market.


Nice🤙, looking forward to spotting them at Brisbane

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