Qantas Normal @ YSSY - 230700ZJAN2020 (Group Flight Thread)

Group Flight Thread
Aircraft and Airline: Qantas A380, B789 or B747
Route: YSSY - WSSS
Departure Time (ZULU): 7:00Z
Server: Casual Server

Join me on a flight from Sydney to Singapore! The flight is around 7 hrs, we depart from 34L and head north west until we are in range of runway 02C at WSSS. Please be at YSSY 5-10mins before our scheduled departure time. Let’s all have fun and I’ll hope to see u soon!

Here is our flight plan for this arvo:

Not affiliated with a VA/VO
No assigning gates or pilot slots

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Hey mate, sounds like a fun Group Flight! However, the rules still apply. Starting off with your title… The time on the thread says 0100Z and the title says 1700Z, but that doesn’t matter because the groupflight has to be within three hours of the event, right now the time is 5:39Z… Also, instead of FRI2020, your title should be JAN20.

A good example for your title would be the following;

Qantas Normal @ YSSY - 230600ZJAN2020

Nope, still not how it works.

It’s in 20mins

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Better now?

Also, change where it says 1701Z to 0600Z in the title

Done that now

Alright, thread is fixed. Good work!

I wanted to modify it so it would fit the guidelines

@anon70772274 that doesn’t matter, he fixed it now,

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Am I allowed to share it?

Yes you are.

Ok but any tips to get others to join, are VA’s allowed to get involved in it?

Not from me, it’s too close to departure.

Ok I can change it to 6pm an hour later so it give u time and flexibility and so that others can join

Whatever you must

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