Qantas New free passport for your first flight to Australia

Have you ever wanted to come to Australia well this is your chance when you fly with Qantas for your first flight you get a free passport


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Not really sure what this is about… could you explain more and possibly add more detail like your thoughts and opinions?


I’m all for a discount, but this seems a little desperate on Qantas’ part

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Desperate for what? Who doesn’t want a free passport, great way to get rid of Virgin Australia sales


It seems like they are desperate to get americans to go to Australia

So say that you haven’t ever been to Sydney, Australia well if you book your next flight with Qantas you get a free passport if you don’t already have one which would save you $135 in passport fees the video would tell you all about this new this free passport idea

And I just got a new passport. 😕


Qantas is wanting to open Australia to Americans

Qantas is adverting Sydney and that you save a lot of money and for everyone who hasn’t been to Sydney, Australia this is a great deal

OK then I guess no one really cares about this great deal that Qantas have for there passengers

I agree that this is a great deal, but because it is just for Americans, I feel like they really want to boost US tourism in Australia.

No, Qantas is advertising Australia. You don’t need a passport to travel domestically…

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Yeah they do I just don’t know why more Americans come over to Australia?

Neither do I, but this is getting kind of off topic. PM me if you want to continue this discussion

It is not for domestic airtravel

I know it’s not being advertised for Australians, I’m correcting you. You said “Australia this is a great deal.”…

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Because Qantas wants to make these videos and see Americans reactions

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The reason why I, an American, personally don’t care is that when I was looking at airline tickets to Aussieland… American Airlines with legs operated by Qantas, was over $500 cheaper than Qantas. So why would I want to pay $370 more for the exact same thing?