Qantas Longest Flight! @KDFW-YSSY 130105ZMAY20

Qantas Longest Flight!

  • Aircraft and Livery: Qantas A380

  • Route: KDFW NELYN ACT PRIZE HOARY SAT LRD WEGUS NLD NOTAK USBAR ITPUM MOV MURDU IPSAG TRC RUBNA ELOLU SUSOV MIVIS DGO UKIKI UKODA LESIT MZT 20N09 17N13 12N19 09N23 05N27 03N29 02N30 01W34 05W38 08W42 12W46 14W49 16W52 19W57 21W60 24W64 27W69 29W72 30W74 33W79 34S77 34S76 35S74 35S70 36S69 36S66 35S63 MAGDA N774 MARLN YSSY



STAR will be determined by the weather in the morning and be put in a Group PM

  • Time of Departure: 2020-05-14T01:05:00Z (adjusts to your time zone)

  • Server: Expert

  • Disclaimer
    This is recognized as an event because there are gate assignments and this flight is not within three hours at the time of this post.

  • Additional Information:
    This is my first ever event so if y’all could please give feedback that’d be much appreciated.

Altitude: FL360
KIAS <10000 240kts, KIAS >10000 300kts
Cruise: M.85
VS: 2000
Departure Runway: 18L
Arrival Runway: 34L/16R depends on winds when we arrive
Load fuel to the max, there will be a strong headwind the whole way
Callsign: QF 8

This flight is one of the more iconic flights that Qantas operates. Back in 2011, they started flying this flight with a 747 from Sydney to DFW and DFW to Sydney via Brisbane. The reason this flight was started was because the Sydney-San Francisco flight was not profitable. Before Covid-19 times, this flight alone accounted for 8% of Qantas total revenue making it one of the most profitable flight for Qantas even though it’s operated by an A380.

Gates l Aircraft l Pilot
D09 l A380 l @Dendenawesome_14
D11A l A380 l @ORD777flyer
D14A l A380 l @United2
D16X l A380 l @Udeme_Ekpo
D17A l A380 l @Capt_Mais
D18A l A380 l @Populeux_Music
D23 l A380 l @JoshA20
D25 l A380 l @PocketRishi
D27A l A380 l @Ayano_Gudy
D29A l A380 l @cptlogue
D33 l A380 l @CaptainAzriq
D36 l A380 l

These are all of the gates at the international terminal.



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I’ll take a gate

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Also gate assignments are not allowed and departure is more than three hours of posting

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I think I put it under events but I’ll double check. Thanks for letting me know.

Oh yes you did sorry about that!

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It’s all good, thanks!

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A380 cruises at Mach 0.85

Also correct me if I’m wrong but I thought IF had only two A380 gates here (we only have one IRL)?


Thanks for the cruise speed, I know the A380 only has one gate in real life but for the sake of being able to add more people that might want to fly this route I went into IF and put some gates at the international terminal that could fit the A380.

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Ah, okay. Don’t forget to use 18L/35R for departure :)


Sign me up. Also go BLUES! It was a few days ago that Maroon slipped that one past Bishop

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Yessir appreciate the fact you love hockey, just the wrong team. I’ll sign you up

I will take this gate please thank you

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Do you play? Let’s go hawks!! But the stars are good to

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Don’t play just a fan. I used to being in hockey training and stuff but now I’m out of that because my desired profession is a commercial pilot.

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Same. I’d rather be a pilot than a hockey player!!

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I’m new to the forum but I’ll take a gate if possible.

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All good we accept all

ill take a gate :)

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I see the gates list is full. If needed, you guys can spawn in and push back and go park at a hardstand. I would add some if I was in IFAET, but sadly I’m not - looking into it, though.

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