Qantas Link (QLK2108) Dash 8Q-400 Sydney-Coffs Harbour

I’m running out of flights in the free regions. The only remaining area to test are the Alps.
This flight was done with the Dash 8.

This flightplan was done in Solo mode and with the winds aloft option on Simbrief left unmarked. The settings for the Q400 were left on NORMAL.

Qantas Link (QLK2108) Dash 8Q-400 Sydney-Coffs Harbour.

ZFW: 20644kg
Speed: 230kts throughout the entire flight.
PAX: 40.
Cargo: 965kg.
Fuel (including 1000kg extra): 3023kg.
Altitude: FL250.


Takeoff weight: 23542kg.
Flaps 5°: V1/R: 118kts. V2: 122kts.
Takeoff trim: 28%

Landing weight: 22593kg.
Flaps: 0° 200kts/5° 180kts/10° 170kts/15° 160kts/Approach Speed 117kts.
Landing trim: 5%

Domestic terminal of Sydney Kingsford Smith. Gate 8.

The long taxi to RWY 16L.

Takeoff from RWY 16L.

Cruising altitude of FL250.

Coffs Harbour in sight.

Slowing down.

Welcome to Coffs Harbour!


Did you buy the Dash 8 when you had to buy the planes?

Yes, I didn’t want to miss the hype for the new plane. Turned out I seldom used it in favour of the classic A320 and B737 family.

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