Qantas JFK-LAX

I think this is probably a continuation of a flight I would just like conformation ;)


Yes. Sydney to LAX then JFK

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I’ve actually been on that flight, when I took a holiday to the USA.

We departed New York which was headed to LAX on the Qantas 747-400, we than took a different Qantas to Melbourne. We had the chance to ask on that JFK - LAX flight, where this bird was going after and they said it would be heading to Brisbane.

I’m pretty sure it’s part of an Australia - JFK ticket :)

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Continuation flight. Just like one of the Air France A380s; LFPG-KJFK-KLAX-LFPG.

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So have I! We departed from Melbourne on an A380 stayed a week in LA the caught a 747 to JFK.

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