Qantas ( Jetconnect ) 737-800 ZK-ZQG

This aircraft was originally allocated the registration ‘VH-VZN’ but it was not taken up.
ZK-ZQG was leased to Jetconnect Ltd, Manukau, New Zealand as the registered operator.


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Sure this is not a duplicate as I couldn’t find a open post.

Forgive me, this is more for me to understand the proposal of the topic. You are asking that the aircraft in the photo, a Qantas B738 with the old paint and a different B738 record that you already have in the IF, be added; That’s right?


What do you mean? Please elaborate some more.

It already has a B738 from Qantas in the IF, but with the updated paint. Is the proposal for this topic to add a Qantas B738 with the old painting?

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From what I understand, he wants a Qantas 737 in the old livery and the exact registration. Only because it is registered to a New Zealand company


There will always be fans of the old uniforms, right? 🙂


Yes but it should not be biased to one which is registered as a New Zealand plane, rather picked out of the many other Aussie Registered ones

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Well there is no other Jetconnect aircraft with a Australian registration as it is Jetconnect “NZ”

That is a jetconnect aircraft


Yes… it is different from the Qantas 737 in Infinite Flight

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Can this get more votes please 😂

Bump cause I wanna fly this in IF

Same I’ll free up a vote

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Thank you!

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