Qantas Hawaii Flights! @ PHNL - 202100ZMAR17

Server: Expert

Region: Hawaii

Airport: PHNL to PHTO

Time: 2100Z

Aircraft: B717 (Hawaiian) , B767 (Hawaiian or Qantas) or A320 (Jetstar)

NOTAM: Come join Qantas Virtual as we fly in the Pacific!

Got the Monday Blues? Come and join the team from Qantas Virtual as we fly from PHNL down the airways to PHTO. Spawn at PHNL Terminal from 2045z onwards and ready for push back from 2100z.

Please follow SID and STAR where applicable as well as all ATC instructions if IFATC on line.

FL240-290 at SP 305kts as applicable

Happy landings!


Stop making all the events at 2100z! Eurgh! Welp, seems like a nice event…

lol, its the only time that I can make it!! any earlier then I have grief from my wife and family, and later and I wont get up in time for work!!

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Grief from a wife is not something to be messed with…

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yep grief from the boss at work I can put up with…but not the real boss at home!

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I might come :) cu there

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See u soon again. 🛫🛬🙃


Thanks for coming along! Hope you enjoyed it?

Sadly I can’t upload screenshots anymore now that I have changed my iPad!

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Yeah yre welcome,
i have anytime fun with together.
you right i have got last week problem with upload on ipad.

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