Qantas Group Flight @KLAX 011030ZJUL19

I’ll push when you taxi

Roger that mate

I’m 1kg below MTOW

Okay mate I’m way over MLW

What is the V/S?

VS is 2100

Roger That

Alright, I may leave once I get to cruising altitude but I’ll escort you into Melbourne when you arrive.

Okay mate, it was nice of you joining

Yeah, I would’ve left it on overnight but I have my own World Tour that I have to attend to but thanks for hosting it.

Your welcome mate

You can’t get Violations on Casual 👍🏻

That’s why I chose it, as this is my first ultra long haul flight

Ahhhh, I done a 17 hour flight on Expert server 👍🏻

Well your more than welcome to join my event

When will your next flight be? Maybe when you land tomorrow morning?

I’m not sure, I will decide on it once I land

If anyone wants to escort me into Melbourne your more than welcome, I’m still listening to LAX Unicom

I’m 770NM out from runway 34 at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport, if you would like to escort me in Tullamarine you can, I would recommend departing Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport.

Current Tullamarine METAR
Wind 360° 14kt. Ceiling and visibility OK. Temperature 8°C, dew point 3°C. QNH 1018hPa.

Current Kingsford Smith METAR
Wind 290° 8kt. Ceiling and visibility OK. Temperature 10°C, dew point 5°C. QNH 1020hPa.

What server?