Qantas Group Flight @KLAX 011030ZJUL19

When are we spawning?

“Never give up giving up”

In 5 minutes

Alright, I’ll be waiting

Roger that mate

Have you spawned yet?

cough I thought it was an A380 service?

It is but they also serve the route with a 787

Ps: please turn off your engines

Really, I though it was only to Brisbane?

I’ve never been on a 787 from LAX to Melbourne

The reason I’m in a 787 is that because I hate to fly the A380 in IF

I’m only flying because I don’t want to screw up my landing

I stand corrected

Why is everyone just hanging around me

Will we be doing a Casual Server Taxi and go through the grass?

No as this is for my Around the world tour

Ok Fair, I’ll follow your lead. I’m ready for Push and Start

Roger that mate, just is that you that has there engines on.

No I dont, I think it’s the Emirates guy who has his on

Okay mate.