Qantas Group Flight @KLAX 011030ZJUL19

  • Aircraft and Livery : Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner or Qantas Airbus A380-800
  • Route : KLAX-YMML
  • Time of Departure : 2019-07-01T10:30:00Z
  • Server : Casual
  • Cruise : FL270 - FL340
  • Cruise Speed : First 335Knots then decrease the higher we climb

Join me flying from Los Angeles to Melbourne! The flight is around 15 hours. We will depart runway 25R and the arrival runway will be decided about 200NM out, must copy my flight plan because I’m editing the FPL below.

SUMMR1 FICKY 2845N/12526W 2628N/12824W 2455N/13014W 2051N/13428W 1726N/13744W 1523N/13942W 1224N/14245W 0840N/14642W 0701N/14830W 0457N/15043W 0041N/15525W 0108S/15724W 0500S/16126W 0525S/16152W 0908S/16532W 1328S/16951W 1729S/17335W 2137S/17721W 2344S/17923W 2413S/17952W 2500S/17916E 2737S/17615E 3007S/17159E 3316S/16518E 3412S/16300E 3531S/15927E 3639S/15534E MOMSY LEDET BULLA Q29 LIZZI

Can’t wait to see you there.

Please reply if your going to be there.

I will post where to park prior to spawn in.

My call sign will be Qantas 094


I am not responsible for any violations issued to you or any damages done to your device.


Sounds like a great event/flash-flight. Unfortunately I’m unable to join you on your voyage, as I’m currently flying EGLL-YPPH!

Luke :)

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That’s a long flight, is your call sign QF/QFA10 or Qantas 10

Do I have to be in the Qantas VA to attend?

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I’m on Casual, just in case ;). My callsign is QF1544 if you want to track me!

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No you don’t I’m just doing this for my Around the world tour

@TRDubh you can join if you want

Alright, I’ll be there (I may not stay the full time) I’ll spawn Tom Bradley Terminal

And What Server?

Roger that mate, just keep in mind that LAX is probably full of trolls right now

Casual server

Roger That

Anyone else want to join

I just wanna say, it’s awesome that it’s QF94 because I take that flight 3 times a year!

Cool, it also matches my name and profile description

Yeah, I’ll be going from Melbourne to LA on July 7 (QF93) The sad bit is, I’ll be missing out on so many IF events

While I’m waiting, I’m gonna try challenge your G-Force record

Yeah I’ve got 4 on that day and might not be able to attend 2 of them.

Good luck with that mate.

Yeah, I’m gonna need it. I reached a max of 40.6 and then gave up