Qantas "Go Wallabies" Airbus A380-800

Is it possible to change the qantas livery on a380 for this One
Background info released August 2015 for the rugby world this very a380 flew them there and back (not my photo)


Did you watch the Qantas Ready for Takeoff series ? It shows the wallabies A380 being prepared and the players boarding and stuff … It’s really good !

Link to watch the series is :

Start from part 1 upwards and it’s better to download the app and watch it from their rather than watching it from the web browser …

It has a few commercial breaks in between


I did mate hope they bring them back for this year

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That was a pretty good series!


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Wow! This is one of the coolest planes I’ve ever seen!

I like how you say "Mate". That is really cool!

Qantas has many wallabies liveries on the 747 and 737 too

One of the main words in the Aussie vocabulary ain’t that correct @CaptainDawud and @EdT


Ya mate haha