Qantas Fly-bys Meetup

This is not being held by a virtual airline we just want to have fun
What would like is for at least 1 747 or a380 and 3 Q 400’s


Held on the 21st of December at YSSY and we need ATC and also held at 5:30 AEST

Those are not Qantas link aircarft, QantasLink operates: Q400, 717, Q300 (is the Q300 right? Or is it made some other way?). Is this an event also?

Please use the correct event format.

No as siad we would just like those aircraft to be there and do you have Skype or Zello

Yes, they still use the Q300 and Q200.

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It’s not an event there is no planned route it’s for you guys to diced and if you want we could do three Q 400s at YSSY right now

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Just need something so we can talk

Then please change it to ‘Qantas group fly-by’ or something along those lines.

@Riley wanna open up the YSSY Zello frequency?

Yep done okay

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Yes I do lol let’s fly

Thanks, I feel like I was triggered XD. I may be able to go on, is this TS1?

Yeah I changed it

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Oops sorry my internet is really slow and not updating

You with Telstra?

Yeep that’s right

Telstra is falling down, we have been having internet problems for weeks

We will continue the conversation about Telstra on the group chat

I’m join advinca va

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