Qantas Flight QF28 Final Photo's

RIP the QF 747 - An iconic aircraft of Qantas’ fleet.

The shots are great! Well done for catching the last flight.

Dahm! I saw that flying off into the distance while working but wasn’t know about this… they have really made a big announcement to let people know really except for KLM. Truely is sad about the water ceremony…

That Thai Airways 747 was the worst flight experience I had and the only B747 to date I have flown on. The ATR-72 that Cambodia Angkor Air uses was a much better experience which is very sad to say but it was a very scary flight as the cabin all it did was shake repulsively.

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Thank You Very Much. Quite difficult to get some space along the beachfront today without putting myself at risk.

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So sad to see such an iconic and graceful aircraft go. I was pretty excited to see them at SFO again in April.

Farewell QF 747s

KLM and Qantas are both the two oldest airlines in the world (and the only ones that have celebrated 100 year anniversaries). It’s very sad to see these legacy aircraft being retired after their reliable service for almost 50 years. It would have been wonderful to have seen upscale retirement parties rather than the subtle withdrawals that they’re receiving.

Conincidentally, these airlines have been around for so long that they were older when the first 747-100 was introduced to service than the 747 is right now!

This is sad but I cant wait to see what they’ll send to Vancouver

They’re probably sending the B789s. That’s what replaced the B744 on most routes bar some high density routes like LHR-SIN-Australia or SYD-DAL.

Rest of my post down here. Bit sad to see them go since the B747 and QF were so closely linked together- for a few years in the late 70s and early 80s QF was a 747 only airline. It had operated -200B, Combi, -SP, -300, -400 and the passenger variant of the -400ER.

Got a few photos inside one when they were doing the domestic farewells, but while the aircraft is iconic, time and economics have caught up to it.

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They have currently scheduled the B789 to Vancover. That might change later if the coronavirus keeps going.

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