Qantas Fleet Repainting Tracking Thread


All these liveries are marvellous! So privilged to be able to fly them in-game. Love Qantas so much, I would give everything!! :) I think they should think about adding some Indiginous liveries for all particular airlines. Anyway, I’ll leave that for FDS! :)


@MackenzieRodgers you may have forgotten Qantas Freight’s 737-400F, VH-XNH. It’d be lovely to see one of their cargo aircraft in the new livery.

Also, all three Q200s you have listed are actually Dash 8-200s (DHC-8-200), not the ‘Quiet’ version 😉


What a beauty


The first Qantas Airbus A380-800 - VH-OQF is on its way to be repainted at Dubai as QFA6053…


Yesssssss can’t wait to see it
I was confused why there was a Qantas A380 flying with a random callsign and no destination on Flightradar


Here’s what we expect the Qantas Fleet to look like this month! It’s a little late but we still expect to see some new aircraft delivered (like another QantasLink A320).




The other QantasLink A320 arrived from Seletar a few days ago now.


VH-OQL, VH-OQK and VH-OQF on the Airbus A380’s have the new livery. Look at Jetphotos for your self. VH-VZM, Bathurst, also has the new livery.


Also, VH-ZNE (787-9) “Skippy” has just been delivered


Wished it had touched down in Brisbane as that’s where the next 4 are being based


At least we will see it on the first of September at Brisi airport, I know I’ll be there😄


VH-OQA Just filed a flight plan to Dubai… Possibly to be repainted?


I have no where else to put this, so I’ll put it here, I got to see the 5 Qantas 787 (VH-ZNE) take off
from Brisbane Airport this morning, headed to Melbourne


Looks like a 747-100/200 (an extended 747SP)


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