Qantas Fleet Repainting Tracking Thread


Oh ok thanks for the explanation.


Are you planning on adding the Jetconnect 737s?


Yes, it’ll be done later today.


I looked at the Qantas fleet on their website and hey don’t even mention the B737’s. They don’t even mention jet connect as a subsidiary. Is jet connect a subsidiary?


Yes, Jetconnect is a subsidiary of Qantas. There are two links that mention the Qantas Boeing 737 but it isn’t specific to the entire fleet.


It has been announced that the remaining Qantas NZ B737s will be transferred from the New Zealand register to the Australian register sometime this year.


No kidding. On this plane it doesn’t say Operated by Jet Connect.


Not all Qantas services to Auckland are operated by Jetconnect. :) (VH-XZD is a Qantas Boeing 737-800, not a Jetconnect B737).


I never knew! 😕 …


A couple of weeks ago not sure of the rego but a A380 went to Dubai. I heard that they were going to get repainted in Dubai. Plus getting the C check


Yes, Emirates will be repainting the Qantas A380s. I’m unsure of when the first A380 is scheduled to be repainted and put back into service.


There’s one in Dubai now so I recon it will take maybe a month


I just checked the Qantas Airbus 380-800 fleet and they all appear to be in service, every A380 had at least one flight yesterday (05/03).


Has ZK-ZQA already been transferred? It is their 75th 737 with some special markings under the cockpit, and is named “Jean Batten”. Sorry if I’m seeming to be picky, I’m just curious because I flew on that aircraft in real life. 😃


Here’s the aircraft you are referring to.


They did? I’m so happy! Can’t wait to see it.


I’d hope they send one to the Qantas Museum in the new livery. I’m sure they’d want one still in operation at their centenary.


Thanks for your patience! The current Qantas fleet has been added to the list.

If an aircraft has been repainted, it is not updated in the thread and you have an image - please upload it and let me know!


Some hashtags on that post relate to Boeing. 😤


As per the post, this is speculation and hasn’t been confirmed just yet.