Qantas Flash Event. @ YSSY - 252000ZJUL18

Server: Training

Airport: YSSY - YBBN

Time: 2000Z

Callsign : Approriate Qantas or Jetstar, QVG please use your pilot ID

Aircraft: Any Qantas, Qantaslink or Jetstar.

NOTAM: *Join Qantas Virtual as we have a flash event, from Sydney up to Brisbane. Jump in any Qantas, Qantas link or Jetstar branded aircraft. All welcome , and members of Qantas Virtual can file a PIREP.

Please use SimBrief or simular to file your flight plan and follow the appropriate SID and STAR.

see you in the Virtual Skies!



Sign me up please!
Callsign —> saudia 11

what day is this on?

I don’t know? Does it say 25 July? Sorry I’m not very good with reading these events!

that is today in the usa, which is the day he posted this topic so i am not sure if it is today.

It’s today at 3:00PM CT

Can u tell me Zulu time pls

O ok I can’t make it

It says 2000Z pretty clearly in the topic.

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That is 26th July uk 🇬🇧?

No, 25th July, today, that’s been established.

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