Qantas' Final 747 Flight From U.S. Mainland

Qantas’ 747 days are gradually coming to an end.

Today, Qantas flew the final 747 flight to United States on its QF#73/74 Sydney to San Francisco to Sydney route. The next scheduled flight will be on the 787-9.

(Image by SFO Twitter/alaskaflyer737 on IG)

The 747, VH-OEE, has just departed San Francisco on its way to Sydney. Track it here: Qantas flight QF74 - Flightradar24

“Sticker” by Qantas.

Sad to see these go. Will miss seeing this beautiful aircraft.


this is one of those “why are you crying so loud” moments

Looking at FR24, it looks like the airplane will return to San Francisco tomorrow…


You may not be right about the best bay area airport (don’t worry, i forgive you), but you are right about that. Guess this is a “why are you crying with relief so loud” moment.

That’s pretty weird, the outbound flight back to SYD is scheduled as the 789.

Ugh…don’t turn this into another SFO or SJC thread
It’s been a long day and I’ve already had a bad day today…


nah, Im not. Theres already a thread for that stuff. It’s been a long night for me as well. Ill leave it at that…

I had a picture of it from Finnair’s flight in July.


You have no clue as to how lucky you are. She will be missed starting tomorrow, that is.

I think I know. I’m just kidding. She really will be missed.

Go to San Fran to then head to scrappage?

That’s what I am thinking

Looks like it’s been updated, now showing a 787-9 that just departed.

Dang it!

Yup, it looks like QF73 has been removed from VH-OEE’s schedule

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That’s ashame. We will remember it.

i saw this beautiful bird flying over me once. we were near the airport, driving at the time so i quickly told my dad to get over to Bayfront Park and watch it land.

It was beautiful
Sad to see the Queen go.

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