Qantas Delays Project Sunrise & A350 Order - Boeing 747s "Could" Return

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has revealed several things regarding the airline’s future, including fleet and network plans

Project Sunrise and A350 Postponed:

  • Because of COVID-19, Qantas has decided to delay its Project Sunrise plans.
  • The goal of flying from cities such as Sydney to London and New York nonstop will likely be delayed to after 2023.
  • Because of this, Qantas will not be placing its order for the A350-1000 this year. They were originally supposed to be ordered in March, then in December, but now they’re further delaying it.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce:

“We do think there is a huge potential for Project Sunrise but the time is not right now, given the impact that COVID-19 has had on world travel, but we do think there’s still a good business case for it and a good opportunity.”

Future of Qantas’ Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 Fleet:

  • On March 29, there was a bunch of information spreading that Qantas had retired its Boeing 747 fleet.
  • However, the airline confirmed this was false and that the 747s were being stored.
  • Qantas says “There is a likelihood they won’t come back, but we’re keeping our options and flexibility open”, meaning they could return, but don’t bet on it. “Could” is really optimistic here. However, they’re still slated for retirement at the end of 2020.
  • As for Qantas’ A380, Alan Joyce says "there is a potential to bring 12 back, but there is a potential to bring less than 12 back (post-COVID).




Also an interesting note from the interview, Alan Joyce says “you could see $19 airfares between Melbourne and Sydney”, so that’ll be nice for travelers.

Currently there’s no date as to when plans for Project Sunrise will resume, but this crisis marks the collapse of pretty much all innovative long-haul flying.


Sad a350 noises :(


Yay, there might be a 0.0001% for the 777x!


@77W do we have a chance?

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Or lack thereof…


I would love to see the RB211-powered 747s make a return from the Mojave Desert. Don’t think that will happen.

I really hope they will stick with the A350, it has a wider cabin for more comfort than the 777 and is an all-new platform bringing a range of benefits. Forget about Qantas supporting the initial 777 development program and then ditching it altogether 👀

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Never understood why QF picked the A380 over the 77W…


Very poor decision financially but a massive advantage for passengers. The thing is so smooth, quiet and comfortable. And they’re usually full on those high demand routes anyway.

Well QF missed out big time so they paid the price with limited flexibility and inferior economics, but hey doesn’t affect me.

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Wait a second, I did not actually see this. This won’t be happening if Virgin Australia doesn’t return, even if demand is low, as Qantas will have a monopoly in the Australian market and raise all the airfares. I don’t think passengers won’t need that much incentive to travel domestically.

Hopefully they do bring it back. The 747 needs a proper send off not being quietly removed from service.


Qantas schedules one-time 747 Melbourne – Tokyo service in late-Oct 2020

Qantas Airways in recent schedule filing scheduled one-time Boeing 747-400 service on Melbourne – Tokyo Haneda route. The 747-400 will operate this route on 19OCT20, replacing Airbus A330 aircraft. Planned operation as follows.

QF079 MEL1130 – 2000HND 744 19OCT20
QF080 HND2130 – 1000+1MEL 744 19OCT20

It looks like an ideal birthday gift for me! Glad to see a confirmed, although one-time, sighting of the Aussie Jumbo!



Another day standing! Sounds real good.


Idk if this is bad news or good news

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