Qantas considering A220 to replace B717

They should do that switch because Delta will quickly buy up those used 717s. 717s are highly sought after especially by Delta. Delta has found them to be highly usuable to fill the gap between the A220 and the CRJ/ERJ

The 717 is awesome though :(

That is likely possible so delta may get them and they definitely fit the delta livery.

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That would be the better option for Qantas! Move from B717 to A220!!!

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Wow, the A220 looks awesome with the QantasLink livery!

While I’d love to see the A220 in Australia I honestly don’t think it’s needed right now, the 717 can fly for few more years or even more a than few. It’s always a soothing sight to spot 717s but I understand that might not be the case for everyone and obviously Qantas know how to run the airline better than me but I’d still like to see these babies fly for a while.

While I can agree with you that the 717 is a solid aircraft. The reasons why Qantas wants to update because;

  • Aircraft fuel efficiency
  • More passengers & passenger configuration flexibility
  • Maintenance is easier & it’s easier to train pilots under the aircraft
  • The A220 gives Qantas the benefit to serve it’s routes while turning a larger profit and at the same time increasing customer expereince.

While I do love the B717 the A220 is definitely QantasLinks future.

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I think the 220 is the future of regional flights, but i love the older aircraft much more than the new one. Many airlines start retiring their old regional planes like the 717, ATR and Dash. It is the best solution for the airline, but not the best for AvGeeks

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I get that most people don’t want to see the older aircraft leave the fleet, but from the airlines stance they are there to make money. The A220 brings in better fuel efficiency and is a nicer cabin product to the customers. I am sure the Qantas 717 cabin is getting dated, maintenance costs get higher with older aircraft, in my eyes it is a good choice to upgrade the fleet.


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