Qantas Concept Livery

In my spare time, I decided to play around with some future livery designs for Qantas. I have designed the Breast Cancer Awareness livery, which is found on the Dash 8 Q400, on the A318 (if Qantas plans to buy any.) The A318 would be a good addition to the QF family as it could provide regional - medium haul flights, and could replace some of the old 737-800s. Below is my livery and the Q400 livery. I think the old logo on the back of the A318 is perfect for a cancer livery, as it displays a kangaroo with wings.


I like the pink circle on the tail.


Same :) I added it in because it looks awesome!

If the kangaroo on the tail has wings shouldn’t the one on the fuselage have them?

Not necessarily. It’s sort of like saying, “because that chocolate is next to that chocolate in the box, they should be the same type.”

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That’s the retro kangaroo. The new logo is on the fuselage.
@bensonb that looks great! I think its even better than the Q400 livery. Except I don’t think we’ll be seeing a Qantas A318 unfortunately.

You clearly explained my argument :) Thanks for your kind words, and no, unfortunately, we will most definitely not see Qantas A318s

I think it would look nice on the 737

what about the a380?

I don’t think we need this livery on the A380 :)

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