Qantas "Cargo Class"?

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Yesterday I was watching a video explaining a new class. The class is called (for the moment) Cargo Class. This knew class has all to do with Project Sunrise (Qantas’ goal to reach New York and Europe from Sydney and Melbourne).

Cargo Class will be a class where you can go into the Cargo Hold (Empty of course) and have a little walk around and stretch your legs instead of walking up and down the aisle.

Watch the video to learn a bit more:

I just thought I’d bring this up. I think this is a good idea, what are your thoughts?

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Seems very interesting! Haven’t seen any other airline think of this.

Spirit already has implemented this class for all their passengers.In all seriousness, seems like a good idea, although a structural rework on some parts of the plane may be needed, and you can’t exactly stand up in the cargo hold of a 787. I’ve been inside one.
I’m 5 ft 9 in currently, and I had to duck.


I’d see more of a bunk bed or capsule hotel style thing. As they would be able to sell these to economy and premium economy passengers at a price for profit per hour or for the flight etc. I don’t see the gym thing working on an aircraft like the 787 maybe the 777x as the cargo hold is taller.

I say that we add a pool on the plane and call it a day!


not 100 percent sure about this but 1. i would not want too be in a cargo hold of an airplane with nothing too see out of. 2. Im sure that cargo holds arent pressurized so that might be a problem

More of a restaurant on a plane type of guy. I see no point of this class. People can just walk to the bathroom and back. By then your legs would be stretched

Well that would have been on the A320 so the Cargo Hold would have been much smaller on other larger aircraft…

This seems like a good idea,I hate when your stuck next to some random person and they look at you wierd if you get up to stretch.

I think if they implemented this they would find a way to make it pressurized…

They need a game room especially if planes have a bar and lounge area already.

Pretty sure the cargo hold is already pressurized here…

I hope for the sake of all pets that have been in there that it’s pressurized.

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Huh? All modern commercial jet cargo holds are pressurized to cabin specifications. It may not meet spec when it comes to air recirculation, but the pressure is at 6000 or 8000 feet, whichever is applicable. It would be, um, unwise to have an unpressurized cargo hold, then you’re killing pets, fouling sensitive electronics, rupturing forgotten aerosol cans, along with a host of other problems.


I didnt know if they were or werent. Had a 50/50 chance. I always thought they werent pressurized.

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But then a plain cargo hold wouldn’t be the best place to go on a flight. Perhaps they could add some sort of lounge/section at the cargo hold which looks like the normal cabin. That way, it’ll be REALLY cool.

Imagine if they made 1 part of the cargo hold detachable and if they wanted to they could replace it with some bunker/sleeper style thing if there was little cargo on the flight. but this would be very hard to do in a short turn around time and you would have to do it in a Main Hub were the engineers are

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It’s not April 1st yet 🙄

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They are, otherwise some cargo with air trapped inside them would be destroyed/damaged by the difference in pressure

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But the window IS a problem, and it’s not easy nor cheap to tell Boeing/airbus to install some

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