Qantas Cancels Remaining A380 orders

Recently, Qantas canceled their order for remaining A380’s. This can be the end of the A380 as Emirates is looking to also. Read more here:

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Well bye bye A380. You won’t be missed.


At this point, no one should be surprised. Long live fuel efficiency.


Well that’s a bummer…

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The only thing that I would miss about the A380 is the engine sound…

Music to my ears.

Anyway, I’m not surprised. Qantas originally ordered 20 but only took 12. They said that their fleet of 12 was enough. This was inevitable.

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Why Qantas why?! What is your problem with A380!!! I can understand that they can buy A350 and B787,
Also A330 and B777 are still superb aircrafts. But A380 and B747 are parent of all aircrafts. I cant dare to look at Flight radar, skies or airports without seeing A380.

Qantas! Change your decision!


Glad you said it and not me. 😂 The end of quad jets is coming to an end folks.


They won’t. Trust me.

They never intended to take on the additional A380’s. Their fleet of 12 was plenty.

There are more efficient, twin engine aircraft out there that can do the job, if not better than the A380.

I’m sorry to say but DeerCrusher sums it up best:


But I respect your opinion as well. :)


Money runs the skies. Qantas knows that. Therefore they’re canceling their orders.

The A380 just looks cool, carries a lot of people, legroom, a very expensive hotel, modernly advanced, but still expensive to operate.

So that’s why.

Airbus should’ve had a fine print at the bottom of their contract with other airlines saying, “By buying this aircraft you are throwing money down the toilet. Buy at own risk.”😂


Yeah, but if they threw money down the (airplane) toilet, couldn’t the ground crew just get it out when they arrived at the gate…😂

Anyway, Qantas is a airline I love to fly (since I live in Australia) and will be sad to see that they aren’t taking on anymore A380’s. Have flown it a couple of times from YMML - KLAX and return, and I still always get that warm, fuzzy glow as if I’m seeing an airplane for the first time!

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NOOOO!!! Please no ;-;

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⬆️ Found a DJ’s Aviation video about the topic ⬆️

Also this isn’t terrible news for Airbus. More than likely Qantas will switch to A350s from the A380s. Since they already have a few more 787s on order from Boeing with more options.

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Same with Emirates. They are still discussing to switch A350 or B787

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Exactly, so all in all might not be the greatest news for Airbus, but they still have a good chance of keeping their customers.

I feel like they might switch to the A350 as mentioned, especially due to ‘Project Sunrise’

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They are still evaluating the 777x

But they are leaning towards the A350, I pretty sure they will pick it over the 777x, but who really knows…

Amen, brother.

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