Qantas brings out free wifi on their a330s


Qantas Brings out free wifi on board their a330s. This will surely make me fly quantas much more often. What do you think about this?

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I think it’s a smart move, especially for long flights, but like my saying goes,

“Nothing free is free of trouble.”

To further elaborate, yes it might be free, but I highly doubt the WiFi will be efficient. Airplane WiFi tends to be on the troublesome side.

As @Delta_Alpha_Lima said, I highly think that this will be some pretty slow WiFi. I do think though that they might have some higher speed WiFi avaible for first class for free, and for some money for Economy.

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I live on the other side of the world so I dont care to awnser your question 😂

In all seriousness that is good of them 👍

I think this is to compete with New Zealand’s overpriced WiFi.

Yeah but there not really competition on LH.

I would presume if everyone on the whole plane was using it it would be extremely slow.

I wonder if it will be as fast as there wifi on domestic flights. The wifi on domestic Flights is quite fast. You can stream live TV and netlifix and you can post selfies but some streaming services didn’t wotk They also could stream Netflix. So if it as good as the domestic wifi it should become a great success.

Domestic wifi is faster I’m pretty sure. Maybe because it’s air to ground wifi rather then sattalite? I’m not sure.

Ground base = faster / less availability
Satellite = slow / lot more availability

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Satellite wifi is getting faster quite quickly so if it is slow now it will get a lot faster soon

I would like to see Emirates coming up with the same they have the potential moreober both of these airlines are partners and think they must provide free WiFi on board after having net worth profit of million dollars in revenue.

Good! I surprisingly haven’t flown their A330 yet. I will have to though now with free wifi

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