Qantas Breaks Record for Longest A380 Flight

Qantas A380 Breaks Flight Duration Record

On December 20th, 2019, a Qantas Airbus A380-842 broke a flight duration record, flying from Dresden, Germany to Sydney. The Aircraft, VH-OQH was returning from a cabin refresh in Airbus’ Maintenance facility in Dresden, Germany when it broke the 18-hour record. A big reason the Airbus was able to fly this far was that there were no passengers or cargo to carry. The flight was over 16,000km!

The airplane used the step-climbing method. First, climbing to 28,000ft. Then to 35,000ft and finally 41,000ft. The flight clocked in at 1,852km longer than the current longest commercial A380 flight; being Emirates EK488 between Dubai and Auckland, which generally takes around 16 hours.


It’s great that the A380 is still making headlines as they are slowly going away.


Qantas already confirmed they are not taking anymore A380s and those orders are officially cancelled.

Edit: Look at the original post in the edit from OP before thinking somone is being off topic people. Jesus Christ


Just a few questions,

  1. Isn’t the longest flight Singapore to Newark
  2. The project sunrise flights were longer

Longest “A380” Flight.

Project Sunrise=B787-9


Aha, once again I did not read carefully


Qantas be like:

project sunrise test flight = ✅
hmm… what other records can we break? 🤔

That’s cool though.


The A380 is a capable aircraft in terms of flying long range. It’s not surprising that this flight broke the record at 16000KM. Hopefully, VH-OQH will serve Qantas for many years to come.

@USA007 it seems that the aircraft was repositioned to Dresden for the refitting as it isn’t a new delivery.

Edit: Apologies for the correction @USA007 . The OP was a bit off.


This has got nothing to do with orders… Dresden is a Maintenance Centre, Airbus Delivery Centres in Europe are in Toulouse and Hamburg.

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I have this problem too


Look at the edited post. He originally mentioned that of the A380 orders left to fill most were for Qantas’. Might be worth checking the edited history before insinuating people of being off topic. My post was directed towards that inaccurate information.


Slight problem. Qantas only operates the A380-842.

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My bad mate. Though I swear I flew on an -844 for Qantas.

Edit: I now realize that the Flight Radar 24 contradicts me.

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It’s all good. I don’t believe there is an -844 i think there’s only the -861, -842 and -841.

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