Qantas Boeing 787-9

Since everyone is requesting Liveries for the 787-8/-9 and maybe the -10 I’ll request one. The QF 787, coming to AUS in 2017 or 2018 ;)



As nice as this is, the Devs only add planes that are in service at the moment.

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Explain the Transero 747 and A380. -_-


That is why.

Who cares? Realism fans can ignore this plane ever exists. I would fly it, its Awesome!


This is a good idea. Show Australia some love. anyway back on topic @Captain_DJ I was gonna request this.

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The livery looks beautiful 😍


Great request but the problem is, this airline on the 787, doesn’t come into service until 2018-2200. Probably won’t be added.

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Wow man, that’s really long term goals for boeing there.


Sort of, Jetstar plan to pass over a few 787’s, not sure if Boeing will be manufacturing any.

But between those times, the 787 wil be added.

Perfect occasion to surface this beatiful thing. This will significantly change Qantas!
Thus it should be in the sim ❤️

Yeah lol. There is no FDS Airways 😂

I just need to see this confirmed. The Jetstar 787-8 needs a big brother :-)
And don’t doubt the livery, the picture above shows what has been ordered by Qantas (although it is subject to change before painting)


Yeah hopefully, would be PERFECT for the VA

And with the awesome new wing flex!!

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UPS A330? Air Austral A380?

They were added before FDS decided to not add them.

This livery also matches perfectly with the 787-9, I would like to fly it for Australian domestic routes, even to NZ when global flight it’s out when it’s down of course :)!


I would definitely fly this aircraft, sadly I will just miss this aircraft as I am moving from Australia