Qantas Boeing 787-9 (“Silveroo” 2017 Livery)


Would of been great for FNF! But hope it will get implemented in the next update of something!


Yes I really hope so To I don’t fly it it’s not realistic the devs should have waited until Qantas got the 787-9 then add the livery instead of just using their time on something that not exists


Just saw this fly over my school and I am still in love with the livery, one day I will be able to fly this in IF


I honestly don’t understand why this has not been done yet. As @anon31652286 stated in the first post in this topic,

The 787 was implemented into IF in August of 2016. Thats over 2 years. Now I get that there were other factors like global etc. But, now that liveries can be added without going through the app store or Google Play, I would think that new liveries would be coming more regularly, including this one. Thats just my opinion.


Bumping this once again. The current Qantas livery is so unrealistic I don’t even want to fly it. This was never a confirmed livery nor was it ever put on an aircraft. This is one of the top voted livery requests. I know FDS is busy working on the A-10 and other things but please, I know FDS strives for realism and the 2007 livery on the 787 is such an unrealistic livery!


If we learnt anything from this:

It’s that this livery isn’t coming because FDS isn’t planning on 787 liveries, despite the 787 being the 3rd most flown aircraft and most flown new plane.


All we can do is hope. With the amount of votes this livery has, I was sure it would have been added by now.


Issue is, it’s now clear, the voting system doesn’t matter. I do hope we get this, but it won’t happen till FDS wants to do a 787 livery.


Why tho? You see new A320 and B737 liveries yet they are older models…


Bumping! Right now, I’m a really big supporter of this. The Qantas livery on the 787-9 is so stunning ❤️! Voted!


I literally REFUSE to fly the current QF 787 livery in IF. It was never confirmed by Qantas so the new one should be here


I feel exactly the same as you AM, just can’t fly it, my conscience kicks me every time I do


Bumping. I think I speak on behalf of a lot of people when I say that this is absolutely needed. I want to be able to fly Perth to London or another Qantas 787 route in a livery that is actually up to date.


Bumping Yet Again. 64 Votes. The most requested livery of All Time so far was the Qantas 737-800. If we have to get this to over 100 votes then we will!


Plus this is the most voted for livery request that hasn’t been added yet! That gives us some hope, other than the fact no liveries have been added to the 787s since their release.


Voted, I would love to see this livery really bad 😍


This livery would honestly be a game changer!


Just a bit of an update on the Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner delivery and a perspective on the request…

After Qantas has most recently taken the delivery of the last Boeing 787-9* from their original order and as the Qantas Boeing 787-9 begins to operate new routes around the globe - it would be nice to see a rework or rebranding of the simulator Qantas 787-9.

** In May 2018, Qantas ordered an additional 6 B789 Dreamliners making the total 14.


I see this livery so much, and I want to fly this thing in IF so bad. I just can’t stand it with the old livery… It was never planned nor was it ever confirmed by Qantas. This livery is essential for realism, since Qantas’ Dreamliner routes are expanding globally. As much as I love the old Qantas livery, it’s an eyesore on the 787. This needs a change.


Almost at 70 votes!

This surely has to be coming soon. As the most voted livery right now, this has to come.

Please IFLLC. Please. We are begging you. Please.