Qantas Boeing 787-9 (“Silveroo” 2017 Livery)


That logo light though 😍


I love that image the lights are amazing


Haha this has exactly the same amount of votes as Yam Dreaming! We need both ;)


Not enough, we need 110 for an Aussie livery to be added


Yes if we had both that would be amazing!


I wouldn’t say we need to reach 110 votes again. I’d really hate for that to be a common occurrence, considering it’s not the same for other feature requests.

The general Silveroo design has already been made, and I have mentioned this before elsewhere, but hopefully, if this were to be on their to-do list, it wouldn’t take as long as the design is already there (from the B737 design).


Time to get this in the sim! Would love to have a real Qantas 787 livery to fly to London.


Use the 737-800 instead, I wish you luck


Lol we may just have to make a few quick stops in the Cocos Islands, Colombo, Jeddah, then finally London!


Or you could end up like when I tried to fly Auckland to LA with a 319

It didn’t end well


Seeing that this was used on the inaugural on the longest flight we could really do with this, and maybe the original.


If they made this livery i would definently use it on the London to Perth!


You know that the flight from Perth to London is a 17 Hour flight on the 787-9


They have made that livery I think I could be wrong but who knows I haven’t been on a 787-9 yet but if Qantas adds one of there 787-9’s to the Sydney to Los Angeles Flight which is 14 hours I would definitely go on it but I definitely won’t be able to pay for business class or first class as it is probably like around the $10,000 mark just for first class and probably like around the $5000 mark for business class


When they replace the 747-400s with 787-9s on the BNE-LAX route i will try to get on a flight at somepoint with them. It would be economy cause who can afford buisness


I know that I probably never be able to pay for business class haha as it is ridiculous expensive


Yes it is a great Qantas livery and I really want this in infinite flight.


52 votes and still nothing it’s a bit dumb that we have th old livery on the 787 which not even exist please i really hope this will come one day really wanna fly London Perth


Going to bump this. Flying the Qantas 787-9 in Infinite Flight just doesn’t feel right without this beautiful livery!


It doesn’t feel right flying the 787 without this beautiful livery
I hope this can be implemented soon 😓