Qantas Boeing 787-9 (“Silveroo” 2017 Livery)


Honestly a quick update of this livery won’t take long and will keep the aussies satisfied. Ran out of votes for me, sorry


Definitely I think everyone has a soft spot for the national carrier for there country


This is just beautiful it is a bit stupid that we have the old livery in game for the 787-8 does not even exists hope they’ll rework this for the best update


Any chance we could be seeing this soon? 35 votes is substantial. This would be amazing to have considering the 787 is a new model in IF and the current Qantas livery is unrealistic.


They’ve added the Qantas 738. Hopefully they will add the 787-9 for the Perth-London flight!


Having recently travelled to Canada, I saw this beautiful aircraft at YMML a lot. Would be awesome seeing this in the sim!


Do you realise only one picture is allowed? You must’ve known since you’re a regular.


I thought that was only in the main post for the request, but I can remove them if you want. 😊


They already have a Qantas 787-9


Yes, that would be the old Livery. We’re asking for the new Livery Qantas has on their current 787. “New Roo”



That 787-9 livery was based off the old livery, essentially being fake. It was never confirmed by Qantas ;)


Ohh aha my bad. didn’t read the thread fully.


Yeah. I was wondering why the old livery was on the Dreamliner.


It was because the new livery only rolled out in September last year. The 787 was released in IF before that ;)


Needs replacing. Hopefully they will add the new one soon


Yes it would be wonderful to have this


Just found out that the Qantas 737-800 new roo livery is coming to IF! Surely they would also add the new livery to the Dreamliner as well. Wouldn’t they?


VH-ZNA Lastnight in Sydney.


Mmmm yummy 😋 gotta love the QF Dreamliner


Voted for this beauty