Qantas Boeing 787-9 (“Silveroo” 2017 Livery)


Holy that is amazing photoshop skills my friend!


Yeah it is so realistic. It was off an Instagram page (in the credits)


But isn’t it missing the red wing tips with the roo?


The new roo looks like the old roo - lol


I wish they would keep the old font then I would vote for it. It’s ok though.


The only 787 I’ve seen with painted wingtips is Virgin Atlantic’s. It’s a shame more airlines didn’t paint theirs as well, I think it looks great.


This should be added,
They’ve repaired other liverys why not


Similar how to the British Airways 787-9 was reworked, I am sure the QF can be revised. Great way of celebrating Qantas’s newest aircraft! Lets see if this can gain anymore votes


There’s more of a chance of this livery being added now that the aircraft name has even revealed!


Really hope to see it in IF soon ;)



If only the devs would add this in the dc10 update…


This video was great, enjoyed it a lot!


A vote everyday is healthy. Nice request, nice livery, great stuff! Voted!


Yeah I reckon thats our best chance!


Can this please be added it’s mouth watering beautiful and realistic and can be added in with the next update as it probably wouldn’t take that long


Please add this, want it so badly!


Same here :) ! It looks amazing


Nice livery I like it so much!


we need this. it would be such a good addition considering the current \qantas 787 livery in IF is the old one