Qantas Boeing 787-9 (New Livery)

Not nesscecearily, if it’s not got a copyright they add the livery EG oneworld Qatar 77W


385 views! I would like to see this replacing the old 787 livery in IF.

its not even painted yet, why are we requesting it

Because it will be, anyway we have the QF 787 and it’s not real yet


Who said you can’t request things that aren’t painted yet? And this is an official release. The 787-9s will be painted exactly like this, but then all we have to do is wait for the registration. And they’re coming next year.


I bit too straight lines in the font.

Yeah, I feel like that too now. Although comparing it to the font three versions ago, it is a lot less blocky. But that stumpy kangaroo was hilarious! Camel back. Btw did you know we still have that really old livery on the 717 in IF? It has the gold striped tail.

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Adds some much needed variety.

Next time they should let me design it, I will make Qantas liverys great a gain.

Im not commenting about you cant/can. Im asking why.

The Devs dont have the required high-res images to create the liveries as of now, since the livery is not done

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Just copy off the a330

I don’t know what people have against the font. I quite like it to be honest


Now just statey me opinion. I so this isn’t as important. But don’t get me wrong looks nice and updating it would be ok. But if this is just going to be for the Qantas 787 and not for the rest of the fleet in the sim. Then I would want this if Qantas is going to do it to the A380 for it’s fleet. Lastly not much of a difference other than text change and hommie Kangaroo having smoother edges. And the extra grey line. Not like the color changed like Alaskan Airlines new livery.


They will paint all aircarft for 2020 (their 100th birthday). Meaning A380, 747, 737, 717 etc. Really want to see how this will turn out on the Dash


They’re going to look awesome together.

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There is no A330 only 767 which didn’t have winglets for Qantas

I used to not like this livery (Especially the font). But after I saw the A330 one, I immediately fell in love with this 😍

I would love to see this in Infinite Flight! It’s just Awesome!

I know a beautiful livery by Qantas and should be implemented to the 787 soon

It’s between the 767 and 787, just look at the tail…


Qantas new livery looks much better than Air Canadas livery

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