Qantas Boeing 787-9 (Indigenous “Yam Dreaming” Livery)


57 votes! Imagine this livery in IF 🤤


I just made it 58! This livery is stunning.


It’s time for me to revive this topic. I would love to see the livery! It would definitely get me down to Australia more often I will tell you that


Got to agree with you on this one would have loved it when IFATC was there. I got a few more votes now and I’ll give one here


Bumping. This is a beautiful livery and it would really add some diversity in IF


I’m out of votes but this livery is beautiful as Qantas has always shown diversity with their Dreamtime liveries


Bumpity Bumpity Bump Bump

I really want to see this in Infinite Flight


Want to see all 5 aircraft part of Qantas’ “Flying Art” Series or know a little more information about each aircraft painted in one of these special liveries? Visit the link below:

I really hope we have VH-ZND in the game… :D


This is the artwork, not the one you posted above:

PS: I couldn’t upload the image by copying and pastig it… I had to drag and drop which then led to the entire Google Image link result thingy to be pasted down… Thanks for your understanding (if you even understood what I just said…)


Thanks mate 👍 I didn’t know Qantas provided the actual painting as a art work form, I just posted that similar looking aboriginal artwork because I couldn’t find the real one 😅👍


Oh lol! No worries at all! Next time, just either search “Yam Dreaming” or look into Qantas’ “Flying Art” Series. Lol. Again, no worries! :D


I really hope IF adds this livery its my favourite livery


I’m Dreaming Of Yams 😋

Got this shot today at Brisbane Airport, she was on her way to KLAX 😍 bye my love 😍


What??? Oh, I missed her! I was just at BNE… 🥺😭


Don’t worry, she comes every few days, she is beautiful isn’t she 😍


Absolutely stunning livery


Stunning livery! Voted!


With the confirmation of the TAM 777, this is now the single-most voted for livery that isn’t in the game! Strap your seatbelts in people, because I think we are about to go for one heck of a ride 😀 Lets wait and see and you never know 😉


We have a very rich indigenous heritage in Australia and their culture has so many stories and life lessons to tell. And like indigenous Australian culture, this particular livery has a story to tell. I hope this livery comes soon.


How very true. These liveries are very much a part of Australian Aviation today. Fingers crossed now for someone to step up to the challenge and get them done. What an amazing addition to Infinite Flight it would be…