Qantas Boeing 787-9 (Indigenous “Yam Dreaming” Livery)


You have my vote! This is the best livery I’ve seen except for 3!


What a livery! This should be added to the b787




I didn’t expect the community to love this livery as much as they do currently - it almost has the same amount of votes as the Silveroo Qantas B789!


That’s true, I guess it’s only Australians and New Zealander’s will be fond of and really like this Livery


What are those white specs on the aircrafts suppose to be.


It’s traditional aboriginal art in Australia.


Awesome addition to the thread. Love this livery and so hope it does get up and made by FDS for IF


Central Desert Aboriginal people do dot painting for their story telling. Every bit of Aboriginal art tells a story.


Would love to have all of them, but really hope the one suggested gets up.


I would love for this to be in IF


Has the same amount now! 😁🇦🇺


This was the aircraft arriving in Alice Springs 5 days ago in case no one saw
Looks stunning in the outback ;)


I can only hope for it to come to Canberra!


This livery would be very hard to create. Lots of dots! But that doesn’t mean it won’t be in the game in the future


46 votes and counting! Hope to see this soon!


This is an absolute must in the next update!!! I wish I could put all my votes into this :)


After being awarded the honour of being the first carrier to take PAX direct from Australia to the UK, I think this beauty deserves a vote and a little plug. Can our Devs be tempted?


Beautiful livery! Spotted it yesterday on Flightradar24 on its way to LHR!


Just wanted to give this a bump, 53 votes is quite significant.