Qantas Boeing 787-9 (Indigenous “Yam Dreaming” Livery)


Omg it’s so awesome!! Can’t believe it looks this good! And absolute yes from me. Finally Qantas has a spectacular special livery.


I believe the only aboriginal related names were Dreamtime, Uluru and boomerang


This one wasn’t, I have a feeling it’ll be phased out after a few years… As they usually do.


That livery is amazing!! Would love to see this as an addition to infinite flight


I Voted! I hope this gets added it looks so nice!


I’m changing the title abit to make it easier to find. Thus reducing possibilities to find a duplicate ;)

Anyway, awesome request! I guess I need to remove one of my votes for this


That is the hottest plane livery I have ever seeeeeeeeen! Literally a flying piece of art work (the livery) on a beautiful canvas (787-9)😍😍


Simpily put…



plus this…



I would love to see this coming to IF :)


Finding A vote right now I need this for sure!


Absolutely stunning! Such a well designed and gorgeous livery.


Just placed my vote in!


🤟🏾 Manymak (good in Yolngu Matha, NT Aboriginal language) livery.

I have voted for this. Will certainly be beautiful to see all over the world representing Australia’s Spirit and Culture. Yes, we Aboriginal people do still exist and practice Culture to this very day.

Thanks all for the support.

Love! ❤️🇦🇺


Just going to say what a beautiful livery can’t see why anyone wouldn’t want this.


Voted. One of the best liveries out there. Looking forward to seeing it at KLAX and EGLL.


I saw a promo video and it looks amazing. Would LOVE to see in IF…


Let’s keep his thing going to stunning to pass up:)


Thanks for the new image - I have added to the topic.


Of course! Anytime, I thought that image would look better then one of te aircraft with scaffolding around it…


I just made this today! I really want to see this in Infinite Flight.