Qantas Boeing 787-9 (Indigenous “Yam Dreaming” Livery)

Thanks for that clarification!


Can someone give me a quick heads-up on why this topic appears as „completed“ in my message box?🤔

earlier it was closed, so that’s why you’ve got a complete message in your inbox or recents or what you wanna call it.

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Well… uh…
Good morning everyone I guess.
Now that we’ve all calmed down, can I just take a moment to say thanks to both sides. To us, the community members, who have continued to show support for this amazing livery. I challenged you al to get to 170 votes by next weekend, in less than 12 hours we’re at 168. Thank you all. We will not rest until we are heard.

And to the mods, I know you can be fed up dealing with all of us sometimes, but thank you. Thank you for making us feel like we have a voice, even though I get that realistically this can’t be added anytime soon. I know a lot of you out there don’t feel the same way about what they’ve done, but I just wanted to take a minute to appreciate that you so often take the time out of your days to deal with us, and make us feel like we have a say.

That being said, Easter should be a time of caring and giving, not a time for arguing with strangers over the internet about a livery for God’s sake. For the future, please try to keep it respectful, be wholesome, and please, think about what you say before you post it for the whole world to see.

ZND is a beauty, isn’t she?



The top pictures is exactly how I feel after reading this thread

My argument stands for both this livery and the other two Qantas 787-9 liveries which are available to implement, and highly voted for. The real world livery was requested not long after the 787 was added, back in 2017. It’s disappointing to see this level of lacking action from developers, no matter the complexity. At the very least, a response out of respect for the support shown would suffice and be much appreciated.

Also, since I’ve maybe got your attention, I’ll raise another smaller concern that we’ve sent a few DMs about and been promised would be fixed.

My main concern that has arisen from this discussion (there’s a line between raising legitimate concerns and arguing); where are IF’s priorities, and why, in relation to the voting system, feature requests, and developer involvement in requests?

Since we’ve established in concrete this livery isn’t viable (finally), as raised above, why isn’t the next most-voted-for alternative added?

^this is what votes are designed to aid in determining, right?

I’d like to add that it’s a shame legitimate concerns need to be mass flagged by people who don’t understand the depth of this issue and how it impacts them and IF.


Well this was a read and a half. Pre sure the yam dreaming dreamliner should feel loved



Cant see it

Where is it

Sad 😔


I’ve explained it here

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Perfectly reasonable explanation, for only this Qantas livery, regardless does demonstrate an enormous failure of FDS if the reason is as simple as that yet wasn’t communicated.


Sad 😔 maybe next time we’ll get it…

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If that was the case I feel like they would let us know, rather than letting us rage about it for 3 years 😆


They’ve had too many next times!! The alternative to frustration is ditching the platform outright.


MSFS here I come!


I think it’s a totally reasonable response, because:

  1. We’re not listened to, whereas most things highly requested here are already provided with MFS.
  2. IF LLC takes actions elsewhere (what we’ve seen with the Turkish and WestJet liveries) but not here, yet this is more of a priority to users.
  3. LIVERIES are so important to IF and realism, and realism is important to IF. What’s with the unrealistic Qantas 787-9 livery then? Sorry, but at least for the standard QF livery, 4+ years is too slow to transfer a livery from the 737 to the 787.

Read these too.

I’ve read them previously and understand what they’re saying. Doesn’t mean I’m going to give up on it though

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Also, complaining and whining won’t get you anywhere.

(that wasnt directed to you @Alex_E

Complaining and whining… righto

We’re just making sure we’re heard :)


Bro, with all due respect, can you 🤫 🙂.
Please don’t give your opinion that may anger further people (like me) who are very passionate about this.

Thanks mate 🤜