Qantas Boeing 787-9 (Indigenous “Yam Dreaming” Livery)

Enough to add this


This isn’t my favorite livery out there, but I am pitching in a vote solely because I feel the pain of you all in this thread. May the devs recognize you soon.


And that’s all matters, that they’re aware


Everyone wants the best to the IF, that’s certain, but I came to the conclusion that the devs add what they want, only for their enjoyment. We surely understand that there is a limit in which they can add a certain feature, but project metal will be soon out, how about then, isn’t this supposed to allow us to have how many liveries we want and etc.? As a dev stated, with project metal out, a feature like custom templates will be possible, however also the devs are stating that we are wasting our votes on such a feature. Seriously? It’s clear what is clear. A lot of feature requests, like the 747 rework, the A380 rework and many more, which some even got 1000+ votes, are completely ignored. Is clear what is clear, that they are completely ignoring us, and not even care about us at all. >:(


Can I have a link to this ‘project metal’ thing you talk about, I’m not that regular here

That was surprisingly quick

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I’m on my phone so I type extraordinarily fast. 🙃

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I’d appreciate that thank you

Ok I just wanted to let this topic air out for a minute.

I see there are some strong points being made. I’d suggest sending the moderator box a pm regarding your concerns. That way, staff can respond and help alleviate some of the tension. We definitely don’t want anyone feeling like they don’t have a voice.

The topic will reopen in an hour and a half. Just wanted to let everyone cool off a bit.

sorry for that typo, everyone


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Well said.


Also, voted

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Agreed with everything said here! Qantas isn’t one of my main airlines but I will spare a vote here in show of solidarity.


On a personal note:

This livery is beautiful, there’s no arguing there.

But are you even remotely aware of how complex it would be to create? There are simply some liveries that are a bit too complex to have in Infinite Flight at the moment. Especially with some of the demands that some of you make. One of these white spots too much, and you’ll be ranting like crazy. Might sounds harsh, but it’s also true. Some of the replies in this topic shows that quite clearly.

Does that mean it won’t be done at any point? No, of course it doesn’t. But this is how life works - you can’t get everything you want, at the time you want. Learn that, and you’ll be less angry about things like this ;)

(The same unfortunately applies to Aeromexico Boeing 787-9 "Quetzalcóatl Livery" too which is amazing as well)


Your words are completely outdated. On the contrary, I find that IF does everything for the community.
2 votes for the next plane (777 and A330) with the 757 and 350 also made at the strong demand of the community.

The number of votes doesn’t necessarily mean that the request will be added. (ex: 77W ANA, 77W LATAM, both will be part of the next update).
But didn’t you think that this livery was too complex to be done in IF. Didn’t you also wonder since when IF has not added a livery of the 787 ?

Of course I find this livery absolutely splendid like so many others but IF must make choices.


We are not on the request feature of the new Air France livery but Qantas.
Your message is therefore not relevant and even less intelligent ;)


Well the only Qantas 787 livery available in IF is a fictional one from 2005…


This request feature is about Qantas, not Air France, thanks