Qantas Boeing 787-9 (Indigenous “Yam Dreaming” Livery)

Sorry mate but you wouldn’t know and I wouldn’t blame you for not understanding. It’s the American-centric decisions, prioritising and bias I’m referring to, that I’ve witnessed myself over the past 5 years and 1 month of being a part of this community. It’s totally understandable in some ways, but excessive in others, especially when it comes to liveries and ATC schedule/event choices.


If you have issue in which you would like to bring up to staff or moderators I’m sure they would love to listen.

But as I have heard and said before most of Infinite Flights users are from the US but that does not / should not make them the priority.

I see them working to implement what their users want and what they think would be the best for the sim and not overlook requests.

There’s a lot of explaining we would’ve loved Infinite Flight staff to do, however that never came. It was always adding 5 Frontier liveries, or new JetBlue liveries, or some other airline overshadowing anything else the community had voted for, highly. The feature requests that have stood for 3+ years speak for themselves and I’m so tired of it. A couple of the mods for sure have heard our concerns, that’s nothing for you to worry about. You’d feel the same after years of seeing this and promoting certain requests, even speaking to some mods about it.


Like I said me and the people seeing ur posts aren’t who you should be talking to as we can’t change the way the sim operates contact the staff and explain and let them tell you their reasoning.

Now I’m done being off topic.

Qantas has a beautiful special livery and it would be spectacular to have in Infinite Flight

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It’s surely not off topic if we’ve been led to this conversation as a direct response to this feature request and the comments that have been made here.

What’s the point in fluffing about saying “bump”, “I’d really love this livery”, “this looks so good”, “this has my vote”, non-stop since 14 February 2018 to no avail! The root cause of this has been right in front of us for years.

It’s totally beyond me. I’m well beyond any form of optimism about these things getting added since we asked for the new Qantas livery far before the 787 was added! Can you believe that?? The livery added was ALWAYS fictional. I couldn’t really care less anymore, anyway, because I’ve moved on from IF. But I’m here for the people that have always supported these liveries, that have pushed for Yam Dreaming to be added, I’m here for what I stood for originally.

Edit: CAN I SAY THAT VOTES REALLY DON’T MATTER nor did they ever, since they were introduced to the IFC. Even with things as simple as the bog standard Qantas 787 livery. Do not waste your time. Do not bother.


The developers decide what get into the game. They do not have to base their decisions 100% off of community votes. This livery might have some licensing issues and could be why we haven’t seen this specific livery. The community votes only amount to what we want and shoes the devs that aswell.

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You tell me who gives the developers their main source of income, who they want to please, and who largely dictates most decision making for obvious profit maximisation reasons.


Who created the game…

Not us…

They made the community to bring people together and allow them to have a say in the sim.

This is not our decision to make.

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I’m sure if there was a reason due to copyright issues then this thread would have been closed a long time ago, just like the United and ANA Star Wars liveries. Let’s not turn this into an argument thread and keep it civilized. If the Australian player base uses their votes on this, then let’s let it be.

I personally would love to see this livery, and I think I’m gonna clear a vote for this. 🙂


I’m trying to avoid attacking your argument personally, but do you really think Infinite Flight was launched as a charitable organisation, or at the very least not made to please the fanbase it established? You clearly don’t know how businesses operate.

It’s not even about this livery anymore. It’s not a petty argument either. This has been IF setting a precedent for all other feature and livery additions, any decision making for new features, and how valuable votes are. The role votes play in the broader reality of development in IF has clearly been diminished since its introduction.


People don’t fight over a livery it is the devs choice to add what ever livery they want the community is for a place to make posts and to comment on posts

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One of the best liveries


It doesn’t matter if I know how business operates it isn’t how this business operates. They are not entitled to add every livery/plane that has a features request. At the end of the day it isn’t our decision do make. They may loose customers as a result of it but you gotta understand that. I can understand how passionate you are about this just get in touch with they staff and allow them to explain it because they have way better way of explaining it than us.

So IF is not profit driven? IF is not looking to profit off the fanbase as much as it can? And yes, it does come down to this otherwise we wouldn’t have votes, feature requests or the IFC. This is about the fanbase “participating” in the app although clearly we don’t have much of a say and that has been proven so many times.

Never said they had to. They should consider at least trying. Even an accurate livery would’ve been nice, per the 2016 request when Qantas unveiled the official livery prior to the IF 787 development.

I do understand. You gotta understand. They definitely lost me, mentally, along the way too.

Again, I’ve been here for over 5 years. I have been very vocal. It’s sad that we need to shout when votes speak for themselves. It’s about 4 years too late.



I don’t think @USA_ATC completely understands how the livery addition works. The amount of votes tallied by the community is only one part of the livery selection. Other factors may include diversity (which is something IF has been generally focused on recently), the amount of liveries, and how many people fly it. I would check out this cool reply by Misha on the 757 livery list;

Three main factors went into choosing the liveries this time around:

1. Votes on the forum

2. Trends and comments on our social media platforms

3. Promoting diversity across continents (representative to our user base)

So yes, Infinite Flight does take votes into account, but we need to remember that there are always more than one factor playing into livery addition; votes aren’t anything. Just because something has a lot of votes doesn’t mean it is going to be added. And though I do agree that this seems a little bit unfair, the features category is the community’s only way of showing our support for liveries.


Most defiantly not id love to see this livery int the game. But it is up to infinite flight period. We can vote but that doesn’t mean that they have to add it.

Read up and you will see the full convo

I cannot understand why every single popular feature request has to turn into an arguement! Vote if you like it and who knows it might be added 😃


This just brings into question why votes even exist. They should be scrapped and instead staff’s inboxes should be flooded? Infinite Flight has lost me.

It would be nice to address why this livery is even worthy. But why should I bother when it goes to show IF just hasn’t cared once according to their track record.

Do you not see what is going on in front of you? 😂
Check the date of the feature request.

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I never said that they didn’t I said that they don’t count for 100% why a plane should be added. I understand that pingu.

In that case lets let an official moderator/member of staff make a point as your “mini-modding” isn’t really helping. Vote or don’t vote, its simple isn’t it?