Qantas Boeing 787-9 (Indigenous “Yam Dreaming” Livery)


Hi everyone,

I would love to see FDS create this new livery on the 789.


2018: The Year in Review

TBH, any of the indigenous liveries would be awesome to recreate.


Can you get the photo here on the page? Amazing livery just would get you more votes just make sure you but photo credits.


@Darren_QFA0333 I’m not going to lie, that Livery does look Amazing (in my opinion), however, I’d be interested to see some more information on this thread other than just a link and you saying you would like to see this Livery, which I’m sure a few of us would also like.


That livery looks so good and will look even better in IF


Here’s two images…

Yes, I understand that only one image may be posted, however, this is a newly released livery and there are not enough images available of the aircraft that show the entire aircraft up close…


Put 1 in the topic post


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That tail section is amazing! The only thing is that it doesn’t stretch down the whole of the fuselage


I don’t mean to spam, but this video posted by Qantas shares their new livery best…


I would like it on the B744 as well. But yes, It would look nice…


And Qantas are getting rid of their 747’s so I don’t expect to see it anytime soon
It sure would look nice though 😍


Thanks Mr English Flyer!


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Ok, sure thing Grammar Nazi!


What a gem! I wish I could fly on that. would be Awesome in IF


Added the images. Sorry for only sharing a link. I will add more as they appear.


Wait was that name elected in the Qantas voting? I don’t remember it


Alright, I’ve voted. I don’t particularly fly Qantas in IF but this Livery is amazing. Love it!