Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Delivery Flight @ KPAE - 180600ZJAN19

Qantas 6026 | Snohomish County to Melbourne

Join me for the delivery flight of VH-ZNH from KPAE, Seattle to YMML, Australia!

Airline and Aircraft:

Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner


KPAE ELMAA HQM 4635N/12449W SEDAR ZANNG ZAGER ZINNO ZEMOM ZOULU ZIGIE BARKR ADOWA 1039N/16857W 640N/17318W 238N/17734W 018N/18000E 125S/17812E 528S/17357E 908S/17000E 929S/16938E 1135S/16718E 1326S/16512E 1632S/16227E 2037S/15840E FLATY MUDDL HUUGO ISKIM GIZMO PKS POLSO 3551S/14538E ORINO CANTY ARBEY YMML

Scheduled pushback time:



Expert Server

Additional Information:

Step Climb Profile:

FL STEPS KPAE/0320/ZAGER/0340/ZOULU/0360/0640N17318W/0380 1135S16718E/0400

Average Cruising Speed/s:

M 0.85 / M 0.84


I’ll be there!

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