Qantas Boeing 747SP

The Boeing 747SP is a modified version of the Boeing 747 jet airliner which was designed for ultra-long-range flights. The SP stands for “Special Performance”. The 747SP is similar to the 747-100 except for the shortened fuselage, larger tailplane, and simplified trailing edge flaps. The weight saved by the shorter fuselage permits longer range and increased speed relative to other 747 configurations.

Qantas operated two 747SP-38 aircraft from 1980 to 2004. These aircraft were originally ordered by Iran Air but export was banned following the Iranian Revolution and purchased by Qantas while still on the production line. They were used for flights between Australia and Wellington, due to Wellington’s short runway but still able to meet passenger number requirements, as well as service from Sydney to Johannesburg and Harare, Nagoya, stopping in Cairns, and transpacific service between Sydney and Los Angeles, during the mid 1990s they flew for subsidiary Australia Asia Airlines on flights to Taipei. They were equipped with Rolls-Royce engines, unlike most other 747SPs. Both aircraft have been scrapped.

Qantas flew the plane in two liveries, shown below. It would be a great addition to the 747SP already existent inside of IF.


Why is it so short I like the 747-200 more than this thing nice request though


I like this plane. It kind of short though.


It is called the 747 - SP for “special performance.” It had greater range and a higher cruising speed. It is shorter due to it’s design.


No, it’s not. This topic specifically relates to the Qantas B747-SP. I just had a quick search and there were only topics relating to the B747-SP in general.

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I know. At first I thought it was but your fine.:-)

Yes please! It looks so short but then you see the size of the 4 engines and all the windows - it’s really quite chubby. And Qantas’ subsidiary would be great:


The shortened fuselage reduced the aircraft weight thus increased the range.

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Wish I was around while this aircraft was in service! I used to love looking at photos of it, reading about it. Just such an awesome aircraft


I like it! It looked nice on Qantas livery!

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It’s so small I wish I could fly on this to bad it’s out of service. :(

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I like this mini747!

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I don’t think it’s completely out of service,

today I caught a 747SP (private owner) flying in Europe.

Flight Radar 24 finding.


No it’s not. Many of them fly in BBJ liveries. NASA also use it for their SOFIA aircraft, already existent in the sim.

We’re you replying to me?

Yep! Why, though? You would’ve seen the notification… ;)

I was a bit confused on why you said “no it’s not”

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It’s not completely out of service


Took the words from my mouth… well keyboard actually.

Hmm that’s what I said?

I said “I think there not completely out of service” which in my mind translates to

In my opinion there still in service but some 747SP are out of service.

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