Qantas Boeing 747-8i

There aren’t many 747-8 liveries or operators, so this computer generated one would be a great addition.

That same design would be reflected on the other side of the aircraft and the bottom/top would be white.

Qantas needs to get some 747-8i’s and 747-8F’s even though they recently bought the A380 and B787! I don’t want the 747 to be scrapped from the Qantas fleet after such a long time in service with Qantas! It will leave a long legacy even if they do decide to continue the scrapping of the aircraft (long live the 747-400ER!)


I think we should focus on reworking old planes, etc, before we add liveries that don’t even exist.


Yeah, this is just an idea. The 747-8 is an in-app purchase but only has a few liveries.


They won’t add it if it’s computer generated and doesn’t actually exist


What about the UPS A330?

I don’t want further non-existing aircraft/liveries to be implemented in IF anyway.


Looks beautiful on the 748. Too bad they don’t actually have it.

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Mate in previous times I loved your feature requests but this one not so much the qantas 747-8 doesn’t look very good. Plus I don’t think this one will ever become real

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Should I delete it?

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Why? The chances are of 50/50.

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What about the FDS leverys?

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You used the wrong comparison

It should be “What about Air Austral A380?”