Qantas Boeing 747-400 [VH-OEJ]

The Qantas Boeing 747-400 [VH-OEJ]

The picture below shows a Boeing 747-400 from Qantas. It is the last flight of this Boeing 747. In parting, she draws the Qantas logo in the sky. I find this just extremely cool and sad at the same time. I think the picture below just says more than any word in the world. Enjoy it and leave love for this 747!

Credit: Flightradar24


A kangaroo that is very cool. Shame to see all the 747’s disappearing :( Can only hope there is a dramatic spark for long haul aircraft in the future. Goodbye my friend :)

As Dr Seuss said: Don’t cry because it’s over , smile because it happened.

Cign :)


Honestly this is the retirement that hit me the hardest, being from NZ, this is the closest I got to a 747-400 in the modern aviation, and even though I never saw one, for some reason it holds a place in my heart, rip OEJ and all the other Qantas 747 ❤️❤️

I remember this aircraft had my favourite Wunala Dreaming livery before. Such a stunner! We will all miss you, VH-OEJ. ❤️



I just think it’s a shame that the end of the A380 and B747 Erea has been reached. These are both great planes!

@Kuba_Jaroszczyk The Livery looks extremely cool! Then it is even sadder that exactly this plane has to go.

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Slight duplicate though :(

In the topic, however, it is only a short post. I think that’s okay. If not, someone will get in touch :)

Its fine. Your post is about the kangaroo been drawn

@Zak_Plant Then it’s good.

Does anyone know if there are Pax in the machine?

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I wouldn’t think so, there might be though, maybe @Ishrion can answer this?

I dont believe so. Heads to LAX to the Qantas Maintenance and then goes to Mojave

Ok thanks for the replies. It would be so cool to be a passenger on the flight.

Boing 747, classic 😂

Where did I forget the E? 🤦‍♂️🤣

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gonna bookmark this 'cause this is wholesome ;_)

How long did that take?

Now it’s Beoing 😂

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I changed it :)

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Do you mean to paint the logo in the sky @Sami_Fajita_Air ?

yeah, how long did it take to fly that whole thing