Qantas Boeing 737-800 Retro Roo 2

I think it would be a nice addition for the 737-800 and would stand out over the other liveries.



You can’t believe how much I love retro liveries! This would be a great addition to IF.

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Yes yes yes they should add the normal Qantas livery first tho

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The modern ones are very dull, the exception being British Airways and some other airlines actual liveries.

I would choose first the retro livery.

This is the retro roo livery, the other one is the normal one

Rather get the normal Qantas Livery before adding its specials. If they do plan to repaint the 737-800 hope Qantas is involved. This though could further be added to the list.

The basic livery would be good first. Still Nice post!

This post is from January of this year. Why do you need to tell me what should be added first? The Devs have the last word.

Suggesting not telling

I was suggesting that the Basic Livery should come first :)

I would like this because it is a part of Qantas’s history

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This photo is my wallpaper, it looks great but I think I like the other retro roo better. I love they put their original livery on one of the new 737s! I just saw this on Flightradar.

Gonna have to give this a good old bump, great livery!


We certainly need newly updated Qantas liveries in here, too, but this deserves it. ;)

Oh no, here comes yamgang. But seriously, I really like this livery, I’m just out of votes.

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Haha, I’ve ran out of votes too. :(

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This would be awesome if IF added this

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Oh exactly, i missing this gorgeous classic livery in Infinite Flight and im to flew mostly with B737 Qantas Aircraft in Qantas Virtual Group. As retro liveries fan wish in Eastern this Qantas retro livery.

Got my vote for this one. More simple than the Yam dreaming livery but just as beautiful!


I agree it’s a nice livery!!

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Very true I hope they add the normal Qantas 737 livery too