Qantas Boeing 737-800 Movember Livery


Qantas a little while back let one of their 737-800 aircrafts grow a moustache for the Movember Foundation which is a foundation raising money for men’s health. I think this livery would be a great addition to Infinite Flight.


  • Great Addition
  • Not a fan of facial hair but still a nice addition

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Flown on that plane!!

If only this aircraft had a beard.

Was this request inspired by the Dali request? 😂

No it wasn’t.

Even though I like the livery, I don’t think it should be added. Too similar to the normal Qantas livery, which isn’t even in the simulator. In my opinion the retro livery should be more prioritised than this anyway.

The first one was locked due to excessive bumping, so…

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I’ll post a new one, don’t worry

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How cute. Looks very good.

The jet connect livery is not the official Qantas Livery.


The actual Qantas livery should be added with an Aussie registration before the special liveries and the Jetconnect one(which has a New Zealand registration if I’m not mistaken).