Qantas B747-400ER

I know that we already have the Qantas B747-400 but I am requesting B747-400 ER

Please don’t flag this


The engine…

Could be possible, if IF come with engine choice will be perfect…

Not on every aircraft, the 737-300 to 900 has boxier engines at the bottom.


What about the winglet?

winglets can be added to most planes its not unique to the ER

Can the pointless feature requests stop please? The only difference there is, is the use of GE engines instead of RR engines. So insignificant, not many would take notice, or would care enough. The time could be used much better on introducing a new airline, or new aircraft.


Or global flight.

The difference between an normal 747-400 and the ER version is that the ER version obviously has an extended range😒 I don’t see any reason to add this.

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I believe such requests for insignificant ER variants should only be considered when fuel is a concern

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Yup😂 Redundancy